urs Uretero Reno Scopy (URS) is a procedure to remove stones from the ureter through the natural urine passage.The procedure is done under spinal or general anaesthesia.

Preoperative Intravenous Urogram(IVU) is done to check the location of the stone and confirm the functioning of the kidney. Other blood tests and work up to assess fitness for operation are done preoperatively.

In this procedure, a fine telescope is passed retrograde through the urine passage and the bladder into the ureter to localize the stone which is broken into small pieces by eithe a pneumatic energy source or laser and the fragments are remove d with the help of graspers/baskets. After the procedure, sometimes a Double J stent is left inside for a few days.

This procedure utilizes the natural urinary passage to access the stone.


  1. No scar/cut on body
  2. minimal morbidity/ pain


  1. Urine infection/sepsis
  2. mild haematuria
  3. injury to ureter- avulsion/perforation